Model Magazines 3 Brandable, +12

FOR SALE, selling all 3 modeling (Brand) magazines as a bulk buy out Plus pages

Kachina 53 Kachina 51 Kachina 50

The domain names are set up also on Myspace, Google Blogs, Facebook, Google+

This totals to 15 Modeling web sites and blogs for you  to market and Book Models or sell ad space

All three were started in 2007 and about 150K invested and time and hosting etc.

These can have Adsense adwords, Travel, Registration for models, Photography shoots or even  adult dating sites added or modified.

For a print magazine or Agency, or marketing various products

We are giving all this hard work, web site construction and time and money away for a

CHEAP PRICE  $175,900.00 MYSPACE SOCIAL                              



GOOGLE BLOGS go with Sale



We Prefer to send you an Invoice via our  account


An Invoice from which has  attached to it

WE CAN NOT release ownership of anything listed in this sale Until the funds are released to us from Pay Pal. If you want immediate release then you must request an Invoice from our account.

Sale is Final NO RETURNS no charge backs etc.

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